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Sexual Harassment Prevention for Supervisors

Is it really sexual harassment? Is it a hostile working environment? Is it bullying? Do your managers know how to respond to rumors or complaints? Do they realize they are held to a higher legal standard? All these questions and more are addressed in our interactive workshop on harassment prevention.

Attend our training and learn ...
  • What sexual harassment is
  • Specific supervisory responsibilities and liabilities
  • How to handle dating or flirting in the workplace
  • Why employees won't tell you there is a problem
  • What the implications of texting are
  • How to respond to a complaint of harassment 
2014 Dates:  February 4   ▪   May 6   ▪  September 30   ▪   December 2
Location:     Finley Community Center, 2060 W. College Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA
Time:           8:30 - 10:30  
Fee:             $115 per participant
Register by emailing
Attendee Feedback:
"As a supervisor, I learned great guidelines for addressing dating in the workplace."
"It was really made clear the difference between disrespectful and "bullying" conduct and how that can be perceived as harassment and discrimination by an employee."
"This was a great class for me as new supervisor. I learned about "creeping unprofessionalism" and how important it is to monitor the workplace."

Examples of attendee feedback: 
"I learned how to deliver a clear message and interact with different personality styles. The workshop gave me insight on how to supervise effectively and motivate others."
"Great class, great topics & wonderful tool kit to use as a resource for the future."
"Thank you for the presentation. It was both challenging and informative, and provided tools for addressing issues within my team."

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