By Arlene Smith, The Personnel Perspective

Recently we were asked by a client to create customized, individual Employee Development Plans for key employees in their organization.  The client recognized these valued employees had limited opportunities for upward growth due to the size of the company.  They wanted to demonstrate the value these individuals played in the organization’s continued success by investing in their professional development.

Most managers know engaged employees who possess the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise is crucial for any organization that wants to achieve high levels of business success. In our current business environment, where finding and retaining talent is more crucial than ever, investing in learning and development may often play a pivotal role in keeping employees engaged in order to maintain that competitive edge.

Good employee engagement training focuses on teaching the skills which are needed to do this effectively.  In order for an organization to thrive they need their employees to perform at optimal levels.  This can only be achieved if the employees are feeling engaged and motivated.

The right training and development can greatly enhance employee engagement by nurturing talent and helping employees gain new skills and knowledge which leads to improved performance and higher productivity. Most employees want to feel that they are doing a good job and that they are valued by their employer for the part they play.


In addition, few people like to remain static in a work environment and prefer to have variety in their work and see development potential in their role. Learning and development provides a way to address all of these needs and greatly improves employee engagement. Companies who invest in their people through training and development are also viewed more favorably by employees than those in organizations who don’t.