Workplace Harassment
Prevention Training
(AB-1825 compliant)

Training is offered onsite at your location, through our public trainings, and in a virtual meeting format.

Do you know the warning signs of workplace harassment? Today we are inundated with news headlines and stories about high profile figures accused of abusive behavior and serial harassment. Managers and supervisors play a key role in ensuring preventive measures are in place to reduce and eliminate harassment in their organization.

At The Personnel Perspective, our trainers are human resources professionals, compliance experts, and seasoned management trainers. Our trainers have first-hand experience as both internal HR professionals and as consultants, which adds a unique dynamic to our trainings. They offer practical solutions based on their understanding of the business environment and years of insights as HR practitioners.

Research has shown that productive and successful companies take the initiative to train on the policies and strategies for this complex topic and recognize the importance of participation by employees, managers, and leadership.

In this current, interactive workshop, participants will:

Define workplace harassment.
Discuss what “workplace” means as it relates to harassment and discrimination.
Discuss the implications of retaliation, discrimination and harassment in the workplace including productivity, team dynamics, safety, etc.
Learn ways to create a respectful work environment.
Using practical examples, recognize and learn how to effectively correct inappropriate behavior.
Review the company’s policy against harassment and discrimination, including the reporting process and manager responsibility.
Participate in a candid discussion, and get answers to questions regarding harassment and discrimination in the workplace.
Discuss potential scenarios and how they can support one another in building a culture that is free of harassment and discrimination.

Trainings are offered in English and Spanish, are customizable, and are also offered to non-supervisory employees in a modified format.

For more information on how we can customize a harassment training specific to your business’ needs, or send an individual to one of our public seminars, get in touch with us today!