DEIB 102: Unconscious Bias

The human brain is structured to create categories and understand the world through patterns and labels. Because of the way our brains work, it is natural for all humans to develop stereotypes and biases that become unconscious ways of making sense of the world. Some biases are helpful and necessary such as a bias against violence. Other biases become a hinderance, especially in the workplace when they lead to inappropriate interactions with others, or worse, to possible discrimination. Many of the biases we hold did not even originate from ourselves; they came from cultural and societal messages that become internalized and ingrained, and therefore unconscious and part of our automatic thought pattern.

This course is to help build awareness of biases, understand common terms that help bring the unconscious into the conscious mind, understand mental shortcuts and how they impact workplace decision making

Learning Objectives

To begin to develop self-awareness of unconscious biases.
To recognize the impacts that unconscious biases have on the ability to connect with others in the workplace.
To begin to take corrective actions to manage and mitigate biases.

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