DISC 101: DiSC Workplace®

Everything DiSC Workplace® is far more than another assessment about you. It’s about how to work better with others, how to communicate better, how to collaborate better, and how to get along better with everyone participants work with (and perhaps even people you know outside of the workplace).

Each participant receives their personalized Everything DiSC Workplace® profile, an in-depth exploration of their style and their behavior drivers, and they learn the style and behavior drivers of the other DiSC profile types so that they can have improved strategies for working with others, using the DiSC model.

Learning Objectives

To identify individual’s DiSC style, priorities, and shading, as well as motivators and stressors.
To provide an overview of the DiSC styles, reactions to each, and strategies to improve effectiveness.
To provide tips and suggestions for improving working relationships with everyone in the organization.

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