EME 101: Accountability and Time Management

Accountability and time management in the workplace can be real challenges. Distractions, disruptions, emails, meetings, deadlines, demands, requests, priorities… The list of things to do and manage can be overwhelming. The result of this frenetic pace is increased stress, a sense of overwhelm, burnout, and subpar performance.

But there’s good news because this workshop is built to give attendees the practical help and solutions needed to be more effective. Improving individual’s ability to hold themselves and others accountable and to manage their time more strategically is not nearly as hard as you might think. The returns on implementing some new habits can be impactful and have radical effects on team and organizational effectiveness, and this workshop provides the tools to achieve better results.

Learning Objectives

To explore tips and tools to increase organizational accountability.
To practice ways to better manage your, and your staff’s time.
To improve their delegation skills.
To develop skills to better manage schedules.

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