EME 104: Leading Effective Meetings

Leaders spend a significant amount of time running and attending meetings. Statistics show that ineffective meeting management is a large contributor to lack of productivity. Learning to lead effective meetings will turn meetings into time savers rather than time wasters. The success of any discussion depends upon active participation. The objective of meetings is to create a mutual understanding of goals and objectives and for meeting participants to freely share opinions and ideas. Most meetings do not foster such an atmosphere and meeting participants can commonly be seen fidgeting, looking bored, or showing facial expressions that indicate disagreement or confusion.

This course will help participants learn how to avoid the common pitfalls of running bad meetings that are time wasters and turn their meetings into a valuable use of everyone’s time and in turn higher productivity.

Learning Objectives

To provide tools to avoid common pitfalls for facilitators.
To learn to read the room effectively.
To create an eye-popping agenda.
To understand the importance of role clarification.

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