MISC 101: Customer Service

In today’s highly competitive business environment, customer service has become an integral part in the success of organizations. Faced with an increasing number of competitive choices, customers change products and loyalties at the drop of a hat. In addition, they tend to communicate their experiences to others, enhancing or destroying a company’s reputation based on one experience.

This highly interactive training session focuses on the “Four R’s” that result from spectacular customer experiences – Retention, Repeat Business, Referrals and Reputation. In this workshop, participants will walk away understanding how excellent customer service is critical to increasing the company’s competitive advantage, in an era where customer service standards have been lost.

Learning Objectives

To identify successes and challenges in the workplace with regards to customer service.
To provide tools for deescalating tense customer interactions.
To increase awareness of how current response may impact the customer/employee relationship.
To identify solutions that can be implemented in the workplace.

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