SER 101: Communicate for Success

Effective communication is a vital tool for business leaders at all levels. It plays a fundamental role in all aspects of business. Positive encounters with others build and maintain relationships. Communication is essential to this process, and without effective skills, it is difficult to inspire, motivate others, and foster productive relationships. In this 12-part series we will cover the following topics:

  1. Presenting at conferences and large meetings
  2. How to sell a product/service
  3. Staying organized and keeping your audience engaged
  4. Connecting with people during presentations
  5. Managing emotions in both low- and high-stakes scenarios
  6. Using the power of “No” to open the way to “Yes”
  7. Inclusive communication for a diverse workforce
  8. Writing effective emails
  9. Effectively participating during meetings and presentations
  10. Building your personal brand
  11. Non-confrontational communication
  12. Bringing it all together

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