SUP 102: Supervisor Toolkit II – Tough Conversations

Supervisors and managers often need to have conversations that they would rather not have. Dealing with performance issues or habitual patterns, like chronic lateness, can be tough and may stir up emotions. Nonetheless, tough conversations are crucial in the workplace and need to be handled appropriately. Avoiding difficult topics can often result in bigger problems and more conflict.

This practical course gives attendees the confidence to recognize, plan and manage challenging conversations, including addressing “the elephant in the room” types of issues. Attendees are provided opportunities to practice using constructive feedback techniques so that they return to the workplace with the skills to help employees achieve results and have positive outcomes.

Learning Objectives

To provide participants with the tools to address conflict within their team.
To provide supervisors and managers with a process for having challenging conversations.
To teach the steps necessary for giving constructive feedback and resolving conflict that shows up in the workplace.

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