SUP 104: Supervisor Toolkit IV – Fundamentals of HR Compliance

Supervisors and managers are on the front line of communication with employees and can be faced with many issues that they don’t know could be compliance-related. During regular conversations related to assigning work, approving time off, or while providing performance feedback, employees may reveal that they have a disability or need accommodations. While reviewing attendance records, a supervisor might find that an employee has poor attendance but may not be aware of all the protected reasons employees are allowed time off and make incorrect assumptions about how to handle the issue. A new supervisor who has never been involved in the hiring process may not know what types of interview questions to steer clear from and how to ensure hiring decisions are fair and non-discriminatory.

This workshop provides foundational awareness of the types of topics that supervisors should see as potential red flags that require partnership with HR. The role of the supervisor/manager isn’t to take on all of HR compliance; instead, it is to have enough awareness to recognize the issues that are sensitive and that warrant more expert advice before it becomes a bigger problem, or worse, a claim that may have been avoidable.

Learning Objectives

To provide participants with a clear understanding of their role as supervisors and managers as it relates to hiring, performance management, attendance issues, leaves, and other compliance topics.
To ensure supervisors and managers are aware of the HR related risk issues and when it is time to partner with HR.

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