SUP 105: Supervisor Toolkit V – Building your Personal Brand

Building a personal brand is particularly important for supervisors who set the tone for the rest of the organization. Supervisors communicate expectations, delegate tasks, and manage time effectively because their personal brand is rooted in values that align with the company. Most importantly, a personal brand can help a new supervisor gain confidence and allow them to achieve buy-in with their teams. Aligning personal brand with the company mission creates a stronger company culture and better results.

In this training, participants will identify their core values and how they play out at work and at home. Through practical exercise, participants will learn the difference between fear-based and conscious- based values. Once values are clear, participants will begin to build their personal brand and align it with business goals.

Learning Objectives

To identify what it means to be intentional in your workplace as a leader.
To identify your core values and how they contribute to a positive and constructive workplace.
To create your own professional mission statement and an action plan to get it started.
To determine what you want to be known for.
To create an action plan to communicate your Personal Brand.

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