SUP 107: Motivating and Engaging your Team

Leaders in all industries are challenged almost daily with finding ways to motivate and engage their teams. There is a lot of research in the field of motivation theory which attempts to identify what drives employees to work productively towards achieving goals and outcomes in the workplace. Research shows that motivated employees are more productive and happier. How do supervisors/managers help improve employee motivation? The answer is simple, listening and creating buy-in.

In this workshop, leaders will learn steps to motivate and engage their teams through learning intuitive listening techniques, and creating buy-in. Leaders who work with an engaged and motivated team will experience a culture shift that will allow them to focus on achieving their organizational goals.

Learning Objectives

To define motivation and examine why it is important in today’s workplace.
To use real-life examples to create buy-in within your team.
To break down barriers to getting buy-in and engage your team.

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