SUP 110: Emotional Intelligence Basics and Fundamentals

Emotional intelligence is just as important, if not more important, than technical skills. Without emotional intelligence, harmful behaviors can hinder work performance. Individuals will learn to recognize their emotional reactions, where their reactions stem from, how to recognize the reactions of others, and appropriate behavior changes that will help foster better work relationships regardless of the workplace stresses and pressure.

People who want to gain tools for self-understanding and who want to take charge of their work lives should take advantage of this workshop where we help attendees learn the fundamentals of emotional intelligence and how to leverage EQ to be better at work and at home.

Learning Objectives

To identify and understand the key components of emotional intelligence.
To participate in highly interactive learning activities which illustrate the critical success factors that distinguish a resonant leader from a dissonant leader.
To use the EQ-i assessment to identify EQ strengths and as well as developmental areas that could make individuals more effective in the workplace.
To create a development plan that will bridge the gap between the “Ideal Self” and the “Real Self.”
To increase the skills that will enable individuals to become more emotionally intelligent.

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